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We are creating
13,000 problem-solvers

Front line decision-making is taking over at Hamilton Health Sciences.

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 We are keeping
people healthy

Bringing to life the old saying that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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We are re-shaping
our hospitals

We need to grow our hospital space by 50 per cent to meet the needs of our population.

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We are pushing the
boundaries of innovation

Hamilton Health Sciences anchors an emerging health care innovation hub.

"We have a bold vision of the future, something that everyone at HHS - staff, volunteers, physicians - has a part in achieving."

We are HHS

Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS) has endless stories to tell – from the daily miracles that happen in patient care and the ground-breaking advancements uncovered through research, to the “aha” moments achieved in training tomorrow’s generation of healthcare leaders. We’re changing lives every day.

This report looks beyond what we’re doing today and captures the transformative moves we are making to reshape HHS. It’s not just about the hospital we are now, but the hospital we’re building together for the future.

We’re very proud of our people and the work done at HHS to deliver exceptional care to people within three Local Health Integration Networks and in some cases, to the whole province.

We also know that we have big challenges to confront, due to changing demographics and healthcare needs, as well as our own aging facilities and equipment. The initiatives you will read about in this report are, in part, our response to those challenges.

We have a bold vision of the future, one that everyone at HHS – staff, volunteers, physicians – has a part in achieving. We are also forging closer relationships with our community partners, because we know that meeting our challenges will require a team effort.

Together, we’re reshaping HHS for the future. Thank you for your part in it.

Rob MacIsaac - President & CEO

Norm Col - Chair, Board of Directors 

We are creating 13,000

Front line decision-making is taking over at Hamilton Health Sciences.

Danielle Jerome


  • As of spring 2017 we have implemented CQI in 18 units, both clinical and non-clinical, which means a significant portion of our staff and physicians are currently changing the way they work, every day
  • We’ve documented more than 500 improvements since January 2016
  • Every one of those improvements means we are delivering a better patient experience and making better use of our resources

What's ahead

  • A total of 40 units, both clinical and non-clinical, will have launched CQI by early 2019

Read more about CQI

Danille Jerome

Living Continuous Quality Improvement

Danielle Jerome, Integrated Stroke Program
CQI - Juravinski - Rob MacIsaac

Changing the way we work, every day

Empowering our people to make improvements
CQI - 13000 people

Improvements in the hands of our front line

“We feel like we have more decision-making control”

Learn more about Continuous Quality Improvement

The latest stories, videos, and improvements

We are keeping people healthy

Forging a new relationship with the people we serve

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  • Providing population health-based support through Health Links program
  • 700 patients served to date
  • Emergency Department visits reduced by almost 23 per cent
  • Length of stay decreased by 47 per cent
  • 30-day readmission rate decreased by 54 per cent

What's ahead

  • Using Big Data to identify patients at risk for future poor health
  • A patient portal where people can book their own appointments and access their medical records
  • Upgrading our information-sharing technology so people don’t have to supply the same information multiple times
  • Helping people manage their own health after they have left HHS
  • Exploring “virtual care” that people can access wherever they are

New approaches to care

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Frederick’s story

With Health Links on his side, COPD can’t stop him
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Working together for change

Blog: Breaking the cycle of crowded hospitals

Carl's Story

Health Links has helped Carl manage his COPD
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YMCA partnership

Collaborating with the YMCA to provide care

We are
re-shaping our hospitals

Growing and changing to meet community needs

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  • We’re both a community hospital and regional referral centre
  • There were almost 50,000 inpatient visits to regional acute care programs in 2016, with 56 per cent of patients coming from Hamilton and 44 per cent from outside the city
  • We operate five hospital sites: McMaster University Medical Centre (home to McMaster Children's Hospital, women's health and adult outpatient care), Hamilton General Hospital, Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre, St. Peter's Hospital and West Lincoln Memorial Hospital

What's ahead

Over the next 20 years we want to:

  • Move the programs located at St. Peter’s Hospital to the Juravinski site and redevelop the old sections of the Juravinski Hospital
  • Build a new children’s and women’s hospital at the General site and redevelop the General Hospital
  • Rebuild West Lincoln Memorial Hospital
  • Provide non-acute care at community locations wherever possible

Learn more about the new Hamilton Health Sciences

New Hospital

A new hospital

Fast-growing children’s hospital will need a new home
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Hospital redevelopment

Hospital redevelopment is now one step closer
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Future health

What kind of health care will you need in the future?
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Learn more

Visit the Our Healthy Future website to read more about our vision

We are pushing the boundaries of innovation

HHS anchors an emerging health care innovation hub

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  • Official launch of the HHS Innovation Exchange in downtown Hamilton, in partnership with IBM Canada (late spring 2017)
  • Together, we’ve created a platform for researchers, clinicians, and entrepreneurs to combine their expertise to develop real solutions to healthcare problems, in our community and beyond

What's ahead

  • Our experts are combining research and innovation to explore how technology can be used to address global health issues
  • SMaRTVIEW is one example, and it aims to solve a worldwide problem: that too many patients develop complications after having cardiac and vascular surgery. SMaRTVIEW is using specially-designed technology to monitor the vital signs of patients after surgery and alert their care team to any signs that their condition may be worsening. For one month after they’ve gone home, patients remain connected to their hospital team using a remote, wearable monitoring system and daily virtual check-ins using a tablet device.

Learn more about HHS Innovation

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SMaRTVIEW technology

Keeping patients safer
health researcher on desk

Health research in Hamilton

Improving lives today
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Research discovery

A simple blood test could save lives
reseach lab

Read more stories 

Find more about Health Research

We are a healthcare hub

Hamilton Health Sciences serves our region, our province and Canada

In our region

  • Health research conducted in 2016 produced $418 million of local income

  • Designated stroke centre

  • Largest workforce, with 15,000+ staff, physicians and volunteers

  • In our province

  • Only hospital providing specialty care to people of all ages

  • Highest number of cardiac surgeries

  • Fastest-growing children’s hospital

  • One of two burn treatment centres

  • One of three major stem cell transplant centres

  • In Canada

  • Ranked a ‘Top Five’ research hospital

  • One of the largest teaching hospitals

  • Largest inpatient palliative care unit

More to come

We are continuously improving

  • Reducing Code Blues

    We reduced Code Blues in our hospitals by 87%. We’re aiming for zero.

  • Eliminating medication errors

    Implementing leading-edge technology to eliminate medication errors

  • Digital health solutions

    Investing in digital health solutions to create a more connected healthcare community

  • Patient involvement

    Inviting more patients to the table to improve care together

  • Social media activity

    Using social and digital media to promote health in our community and beyond

  • Planing the future of healthcare

    Planning a new future for health care in Hamilton and West Niagara. Visit to learn more.

There’s more to our story

Visit our corporate website or view our summarized financial statements.



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