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Welcome to the new Medical Staff Site - a resource for our physicians at Hamilton Health Sciences!.

N95 Mask Fit
Book your N95 Mask Fit today - Click Here for more information.

Credentials: Reappointments 2017-2018
Deadline for application submissions was March 24, 2017.
If you have any concerns regarding your appointment, please contact the Credentials Office or your Department Chief.
Post Board letters will be issued, via email, in August 2017.

2018 Council Award - CPSO
The College is now accepting nominations for the 2018 Council Award. The deadline for nominations is October 2, 2017 at 5 p.m. Click Here or visit the CPSO for more information.
Upcoming Events and Important Dates
Erika Unelli at email unellie@hhsc.ca or at phone extension 44281.