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MARCH 2017: Hamilton Health Sciences and IBM are seeking proposals for exciting, innovative new projects aimed at improving the delivery of health care in our community and beyond.

The innovation exchange will focus on six key domains that are complementary to the Hospital Information System. The opportunity is to develop Ontario-based solutions, addressing challenges that impact patient experience, optimal workflow and patient health outcomes using cloud based enabling technology.

  1. Smarter Workflow
    • based  on mobile devices and Internet of Things, internal HHS workflows, transitions and patient flow.
  2. Patient Engagement
    • will transform the way in which patients and families interact with HHS, to reduce administrative costs and improve quality via self-care.
  3. Decision Support
    • using advanced patient similarity analytics, will enable greater segmentation of HHS patient populations to improve care planning and decision support.
  4. Predictive Care
    • Leveraging home based monitoring to create predictive models and risk profiling using structured and unstructured data to proactively modify care plans in advance.
  5. Managing Closer to Home
    • Will reduce demand via preventative and early readmission reduction models using telemedicine, home-health, mobile devices and patient engagement.
  6. Cognitive and Knowledge Synthesis
    • Addressing the 100,000’s of articles published annually, will enhance decision support, by combining EMRs and text-based clinical notes.

Proposals will be will be accepted until Monday April 10th. Successful proposals will be offered an opportunity to make a pitch for their proposal at Apps for Health, April 27th, 2017. Criteria to be considered are defined below. A select number of the pitches at Apps for Health will be considered for further consideration and inclusion in the Innovation Exchange project funnel.

Criteria for acceptance

Clinical or Business Value (1,2,3,4,5)
Clinician or Administrative Staff Demand  (1,2,3,4,5)
 Not a current HHS projectYes/No
 Demand in the Market, commercial viability(1,2,3,4,5)
 Partner available to invest in the prototypeYes/No
Not too complex or provided in Hospital information System  Yes/No
Alignment with HHS-IBM Goals Yes/No

Total possible score = 15 points       

Project Owner/Team Details 
Project Description 
Stakeholders Investors/Partners 
Proposed Timeline & Milestones 
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