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Relaxation training and practice is a regular part of the Michael G. DeGroote Pain Clinic's Group Programs and it enjoys great popularity among our patients.  

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Session One:  This is a fifteen minute exercise to learn how to deeply relax.  By Dr. Brian Kirsh, M.D.  Length:  15:15  DOWNLOAD

Session Two:  Enjoy time for you while you combine techniques, deep breathing, visualization, and body scanning to lead you to a deep state of relaxation.  By Ms. Kathleen Gallagher  Length:  22:53  DOWNLOAD




Dr. Eleni G. Haipdou, Psychologist,
has been incorporating relaxation
training in both group and individual
therapy with great success.  She has been
a practicing clinician for over 20 years.



1.  Relaxing And Re-energizing  General Body Relaxation:  You will be guided through deep relaxation from head to toe in order to feel more rested, energetic, and alert afterwards.  Length:  26:31  DOWNLOAD

2.  Visualization Relaxation  You will relax deeply, experience vivid images, and drift into peacefulness and tranquility.  Length:  34:58   DOWNLOAD



Using mindfulness meditation techniques, the mind can become calm and peaceful.  In this CD, there are three original short meditative relaxation sessions that will help you achieve deep states of calmness, stillness, balance and peace.  You will relax your body and mind, you will contemplate and be present with your thoughts, and you will even visualize goals and achievements.  Enjoy!

1.  Mindfulness Meditation 1 (16:30)  DOWNLOAD

2.  Mindfulness Meditation 2 (8:28)   DOWNLOAD

3.  Creative Visualization (16:30)   DOWNLOAD 




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