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Your Role in Treatment at the Chronic Pain Management Unit

We would like to provide you with this information about our Program as a supplement to the explanations, which you will hear from us personally while in the Program.  We hope it will answer some of your questions about pain and about our approach to treatment of this complex but not unmanageable problem.

Chronic pain or pain that does not respond to the usual form of medical management is a problem to which unfortunately there are no easy answers.  As you know, coping with chronic pain requires patience, hard work and determination, on the part of you, your family and skilled medical personnel.

This may be your first experience in a group-based program. We offer this set of guidelines to make it positive for everyone involved:

  • Attendance and timeliness are required at all scheduled activities to ensure minimal disruptions and that you will not miss any valuable information or opportunity to learn and practice new skills.
  • Ensure you have several clear ideas of things you want to work on or try again (we call these ideas "goals") that you would like to achieve here and continue to build on after you complete the four-week Program.
  • Respect shown to all individuals at the Program by abiding by the rules of conduct outlined in the first week of the Program.
  • Openess to change to assist in improving your pain management skills.

What are the goals of our Program?


In our Program we intend to help you live with pain and resume as much of a full life as possible.  In order to accomplish this, both you and your family will be taught new methods of responding to pain.


In general, the goals of the program will be to increase the amount of activity you can perform and to help you maintain activity even when experiencing pain.  We would like to see you increase your function and improve your quality of life.


Based on the results of the walking test and physiotherapy assessment, your activity level will be determined and the therapists will establish a routine that you can work on and continue to improve upon as you progress in treatment.


You will also be participating in activity sessions.  You will bring activities from home and/or use the program facilities to work on activities that are important to your life in self-care, productivity (home/work) or leisure.  By working on these activities, you will have the opportunity to practice some of the pain management techniques you are learning here.



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