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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What happens if I have other scheduled appointments during my 4-week admission?  

A: We prefer that patients do not have any scheduled appointments during the four weeks, so that none of the Program is missed. However, we do understand that not all appointments can be avoided.

Q: What is a Case Manager, I have one in the community, why do I have another one?

A: A case manager is a clinician that will organize and advocate the patient's treatment while they are in the Program. The case manager will meet with the patient on a regular basis while they are attending the program to work on their goals and helps problem-solve any barriers or challenges to achieving those goals. The case manager is the patient's main contact; their "go-to person" while in the program. He/she advocates for other recommendations at discharge. Different from other case managers patient's have, the case manager at the Pain Program works with them while they are attending the program to help them learn to manage their pain better, using the techniques they will learn in the program.

Q: Lunch is included in the Program - what does that mean?

A:The Dietetic Assistant does the grocery shopping for the Program.  The patients prepare their own lunches using the groceries provided.  Lunch typically consists of your selection of soup, salad, and/or sandwich with light snacks.  If there are any special dietary concerns (i.e. food allergies, diabetes, etc.) this can be addressed with the Dietetic Assistant and every effort will be made to accommodate the concern. 


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