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Treatment Components

The Treatment Program Consists of the Following:

  • Daily group psycho-educational sessions where patients learn about coping techniques and adaptive strategies to deal with their pain condition.  These sessions are conducted by members of an interprofessional team of regulated health care professionals.
  • Daily fitness sessions under the direction of a physiotherapist.  The fitness aspect of the program consists of an aerobic walking component and a floor exercise component.  The floor regiment is comprised of 18 exercises: 9 stretching and strengthening exercises for the upper body and 9 for the lower body.  The emphasis is on performing exercise to respect pain boundaries by exercising at their individual baselines, and on modifying each exercise to make them manageable.  
  • Weekly goal setting sessions with each patient's case manager who is a regulated health care professional.  
  • Completion of psychometric instruments assessing personality and emotional functioning as well as program evaluation instruments at admission and discharge from the four-week program.  Results are also presented in the psychological report. 
  • Weekly appointments with the pharmacist to review medication issues.
  • Meetings with the psychologist regarding feedback on the psychological assessment results, and individual therapy as per needed basis.   
  • Weekly team meeting to review each patient's progress with the entire interprofessional team. 
  • Meetings with the social worker to help with family concerns and accessing community resources on a case-by-case basis. 
  • Participation in a community outing by going grocery shopping with the dietetic assistant. 
  • Participation in 6 hours of structured functional activityduring which patients have the opportunity to practice applying the pain management skills they are learning while engaged in a goal-related task or activity.  This is supervised by occupational therapists. 
  • Preparation of their own lunches and clean-up 
  • Participation in structured relaxation and Yoga classes.

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