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Treatment Components

The Role of the Physician / Medical Director

The physician has two roles at the CPMU, one clinical and one administrative.

On the clinical side, the physician is responsible for:

  • Interviewing and examining each prospective candidate for the Program.
  • Reviewing all the medical data and ordering new tests if necessary.
  • Making a diagnosis of all the clinical conditions both physical and psychological.
  • Reviewing medications and suggesting changes such as trials of new medications or recommending the cessation of medications that are not helping.
  • Along with other members of the team, creating a comprehensive report with recommendations for treatment during the Program.  
  • Reviewing medications on each patient while in the Program together with the pharmacist, and coordinating medication changes.
  • Seeing patients as necessary all through the Program for any medical condition that arises.

We may institute new medication trials for pain during the Program; however, we focus on non-drug approaches to help improve functioning and quality of life.  We will make specific recommendations regarding the role of the medications in our Discharge Report.

On the administrative side, the Medical Director is involved in:

  • Overseeing and coordinating patient care collaboratively with all the clinical staff.
  • Participation in the weekly team meeting.
  • Being available to all staff to assist their roles.
  • Liaise with senior hospital staff about the operations of the Program. 
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