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Functional Activity

Functional Activity

A unique aspect of the Program is Functional Activity time.  This is designated time each week that gives patients the opportunity to practice and apply new pain management skills and techniques they are learning while engaging in a variety of activites available at the Program.
The aim is for them to practice, monitor and evaluate the usefulness of new strategies with the objective of bringing about changes and improvements to levels of functioning.
Many patients find that it is one thing  to be taught new techniques in the education groups (e.g. pacing, relaxation, modifying activities) but often challenging to put these ideas into practice when they are engaged in activities.
They often come up against "old habits", thoughts and even feelings about completing tasks that are no longer effective.


During Functional Activity, the Occupational Therapists are available to offer feedback, direction and instruction as patients work on making changes. 



Some of the activities patients have available during Functional Activity time are seasonal including: greenhouse; gardening; yard work e.g. raking.  Others can be done year-round, such as: wood workshop; working on computer; crafts; art work; baking or cooking in kitchen; practicing household chores.

We also encourage patients to bring any leisure items i.e. hobbies, reading materials, crafts, that they now or previously enjoyed, as they will have the opportunity to pursue these in the scheduled "Functional Activity" times.

The Occuaptional Therapist can assist in helping patients find ways to return to these activities if they have stopped them due to pain.




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