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Social Work

Here at the Chronic Pain Management Program, we believe that family life has been impacted by the experience of chronic pain. Disruptions in routines, patterns of living and communication often alters relationships and can exacerbate previously existing areas of concern. Social Work provides support, education and strategies to the patient and their families. Addressing family issues could potentially eliminate a barrier to full engagement while in the Program and instill a sense of hope and empowerment. Involving the family is a valuable opportunity that is strongly encouraged while in the Program.

Social work intervention assists in assessing the family system and helping the patient and family to develop strategies to maintain progress achieved in the program. In addition, Social Work can provide linkages for both individuals and their families to appropriate resources in their home communities. Recommendations will be made for ongoing work at discharge whenever therapeutically necessary.

As part of the program's interdisciplinary team, Social Work facilitates educational groups on topics such as Communication, Grief & Loss, Anger Management and Assertiveness. Individually, Social Work can provide consulting and advocacy on behalf of the individual's identified needs. This work involves short term supportive/crisis counseling, case management, assessment and appropriate community referrals as part of discharge planning.

Family involvement can occur in office or over the telephone for family members that live a great distance from the Program or who have limited time available due to other responsibilities.


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