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Relaxation Therapy 

Relaxation therapy is widely used in the treatment of chronic pain. It has been studied extensively and has been found to be useful in a variety of chronic pain conditions.

It is an effective component of multidisciplinary pain management and a useful strategy for overall health and well being.

Relaxation is a physiological response during which sympathetic nervous system activity and metabolic activity decrease while parasympathetic activity increases.

Relaxation training and practice reduces muscle contraction, tension, tightness, cramping, pain, discomfort and overall stress.

If practiced regularly, it promotes feelings of calm, peacefulness and serenity and allows one to take the time needed to rest, rejuvenate and restore energy reserves of the body.

Relaxation techniques are non-invasive, inexpensive, portable, and easily become part of our patients’ methods for pain and stress management.

Relaxation training and practice is a regular part of the CPMU's program and enjoys great popularity among our patients.

Relaxation sessions are conducted by psychologists, occupational therapists, and social workers here.

We also have a variety of relaxation CDs available for purchase, some of which we have recorded ourselves.

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