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Treatment Components


A letter is forwarded to the referral source identifying the clinical contact person for the patient.  As well, clinical and administrative staff communicate with the referral source during the treatment as necessary.

Discharge Planning

A discharge report is produced at the end of the end of the admission. It summarizes the patient's progress during their admission in several areas, including:

  • their treatment goals;
  • their involvment in fitness;
  • activities they focused on during the functional activity component;
  • changes or reduction to their medications.
  • Comment is made on psychosocial barriers and/or strengths that were identified and discussed during individual sessions, and how these impact on their pain problem and their overall coping.
  • There is a section of the report to summarize return to work issues, which includes the team's opinion regarding readiness or suitability for work and recommendations for return to work planning.
  • Family issues addressed (if relevant)
  • Recommendations for any further treatment are included as well.

Usually mid-way through the four week admission the referral source/funder is contacted to discuss the patient's progress in the Program and to begin to discuss and prepare for post-discharge planning.

As well, a discharge meeting with the necessary parties can occur. Usually this is arranged for the final week of the admission.

A separate psychological report is completed upon discharge.


Once a patient has completed the four-week program they are invited to a six-week follow up session with their program Case Manager.

This appointment is an opportunity to review how they are implementing the skills and strategies they learned in the Program into their everyday lives.

If the patient is unable to travel to the Program for this meeting, a telephone appointment can be arranged instead.

Following this meeting, a summary report of their progress is sent to the professionals they have identified in their circle of care.



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