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Patients' Poetry 

Many of our patients have written beautiful pieces of poetry during their 4-week admission or after they have completed the Program.  

We dedicate this page to our patients and we are happy to share a sample of their creative writings with you!


"Your Journey"
written by John Fyfe, January 9, 2010

Your journey in life begins anew. As you
move forward take what is true, for if you
find yourself in a hole always remember
your number one goal.

You will see good days, you will see bad,
but do not despair for you take the lessons
you had.  They will be with you, they are
your goals for now and forever to whatever
life holds.

So believe in yourself and all will come
through, for that person who counts is the
person like you.


 My Positive Thought
written by Patricia South, May 5, 2008

I sit here in the breeze staring at the sky
realizing that this is my last week here.  Then I look
at that bare tree, broken down, year after year.
No matter how broken down it becomes it always
seems to bud and flourish in a different way.
And then by realizing this I feel that there is
hope and that in time by adapting to what
I have learned in these past 4 weeks and
be taking one step at a time I too can
flourish again in a different light.

With hard work and determination I can have
a new beginning.

So, as my time is coming to an end here with
all I have learned through the art of pacing, I
too in time will flourish like that old tree.  As I
prepare to leave the CPMU on May 9/08 I am
going to think of this as my opportunity for
My New Beginning.

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