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Frequently Asked Questions:

How will I know that my application form has been received?

You will know that your completed application form has been received when you receive an automatic response of confirmation.

How will I know if my application form has been reviewed and am being considered for placement?

All applications are considered over a three month period and those best suited for a vacancy will be contacted for an interview.  After three months the applications are reviewed and applicants are followed-up with for second and third hospital preferences.  If you have not been contacted by Volunteer Resources and you are interested in securing a volunteer placement, you may re-apply.

What if I have not heard from the Volunteer Resources staff?  Should I be checking in via e-mail or coming directly to the office?

Due to high volume of applicants, a status update will not be provided.  If you have not been contacted within three months of submitting your application and are still interested, you are encouraged to re-apply.

How long does the registration process take before I can get started?

If being considered for placement, additional information will be sent with an explanation of what needs to be completed in order to continue through the process.  The coordinator will send this via e-mail immediately after being selected to continue.  A 2 step TB test takes approximately 2 weeks.  A Vulnerable Sector Check and/or Criminal Record & Judicial Matters Check can take up to 30 calendar days. The length of time depends on how quickly these are initiated and completed after receiving the appropriate forms from a coordinator.

How does the selection process work and what is taken into consideration?

• All information included on the application form is considered


Past experience and education

Age (some programs require 18+ years)

Do I require a TB test?

If you have been selected and provided additional information/forms to proceed through registration, then yes, you will be required to show proof of your immunizations and have a 2 step TB test completed.  Instructions on how to meet the requirements of the Employee Health Services department  and receive clearance will be provided along with the form.

Do I require a police check?

Police Screening requirements will be discussed at the interview stage, as the screening varies according to age and placement. If is not suggested to have this completed prior to meeting with the Coordinator as instructions and information required by the Police Services wil be provided to the volunteer.

I currently volunteer at one of the sites at HHS and would like to be placed at another site, am I required to re-apply?

It is not necessary for you to re-apply to the other site of choice.  It is recommended that you contact the site directly or inform your present coordinator of your interest in transferring and this can be relayed to the staff at the site of choice. You must have 50 hours of service at your current placement before a transfer will be granted.  Also, providing there is a vacancy that would meet your request and the assignment being a good fit, then you would be considered/contacted by staff from that site.

Is it possible for me to shadow a doctor during the course of my placement?

Shadowing opportunities are not provided through your volunteer placement. 

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