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Excellent Care For All - Quality Improvement Plan

Quality improvement is an ongoing priority for HHS. We are committed to  identifying  new and better ways of enhancing  care for our patients, increasing satisfaction and achieving even better clinical outcomes.

In June  2010, the Ontario government passed the Excellent Care for All Act.  This legislation will help support hospitals to further improve the quality and safety of care for members of our community.  One part of this new legislation includes the public posting of a Quality Improvement Plan.  The Quality Improvement Plan provides a meaningful way for HHS to clearly articulate our accountability to the community, patients and staff for creating a positive patient experience and delivering high quality health care. 


How to Read the Quality Improvement Plan?

Our Quality Improvement Plan is made up of two parts:

•       1)   A document that provides a brief overview of the Quality Improvement Plan, which highlights and lists our hospital's top priorities for that year.

         2)  A spreadsheet that includes our improvement targets and initiatives.  The spreadsheet includes a core set of indicators that all  hospitals across the province are working on.

Health Quality Ontario has requested that all hospitals report on a series of core indicators to support province wide comparisons.  The core indicators that apply to our hospital are reflected in the QIP.

The QIP is only one of the ways we are working to improve our patient's experiences.


For more information on the Excellent Care for All Act and Quality Improvement Plans, please visit for more information about the legislation and its requirements, including the Quality improvement plan.


Attachment:  Hamilton Health Sciences QIP Summary Fiscal 18/19

Attachment:  Hamilton Health Sciences Indicators and Initiatives Fiscal 18/19

Attachment:  Hamilton Health Sciences Progress Report Fiscal 17/18







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