Hamilton Health Sciences
Centre for Healthy Aging

Geriatric Medicine

This clinic provides assessment and treatment for patients with age related complex medical needs. Patients are seen by a Geriatrician and a Case Manager.  Patients may be referred to other disciplines at St. Peter’s hospital or to appropriate community services.

Falls Prevention Clinic

This clinic provides assessment and treatment for individuals who have experienced a fall or are at risk for falling. Patients undergo a comprehensive assessment by a Geriatrician and Case Manager which identifies environmental as well as medical risk factors for falls.  The focus is on prevention and follow up may include referral to a therapy program

Osteoporosis and Fracture Prevention Clinic

This clinic  is for people that have had a fragility fracture or are at high risk for a fracture. Patients are seen by a doctor and a nurse who are specialists in the care of older adults and osteoporosis.  Assessment for risk of a future fracture , prevention and treatment strategies are addressed.

Geriatric  Psychiatry Clinic

This clinic provides psychiatric consultation, assessment and treatment services for patients with age related complex psychiatric needs. Patients are seen by a Psychiatrist and Case Manager.

Community Outreach

The outreach team is available for patients with age related complex medical and or psychiatric illnesses who are unable to attend clinic appointments. Patients are seen in their home (including Long Term Care and Retirement Homes) by a Psychiatrist and or a Geriatrician with a Case Manager for assessment and follow up treatment.

OTs 2 Go

This is a traveling seating and mobility service for seniors and adults 55+ who are experiencing age related disorders. Patients are seen in community settings such as Adult Day Programs and Seniors Centers. A complete mobility assessment is conducted with follow up including: Prescription of mobility devices as needed, funding applications as required, coordination of repairs/modifications to existing equipment as well as training for seniors and caregivers in safe use of equipment. This service offers a home visit to assess accessibility issues related to the prescribed mobility device. This program is not a substitute for CCAC services and is focused solely on seating and mobility concerns. Services are not provided in Long Term Care homes.


This clinic provides assessment and management of complex foot disorders, including high risk Diabetic foot care, wound care and the manufacture of orthotics. It also provides comprehensive gait analysis and in shoe pressure mapping.

Movement Disorders

This clinic offers a Neurologist specializing in movement disorders. This clinic offers access to allied health and Geriatric personnel and programs offered at St. Peter’s Hospital.

Physiatry Clinic

Provides assessment and treatment by a physician specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation. 

Dental Clinic

Co-located in the Centre for Healthy Aging, the clinic offers comprehensive dental care for adults in Long Term Care homes and those who have difficulty accessing dental care in the community.

Dental Staff are onsite Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursdays with clinics open Thursdays 9am till 4pm.

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