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Intake Visit

If you are interested in an appointment for yourself or a client we need the following information before an intake visit:

  • Positive HIV test result *required*
  • Most recent CD4 and HIV viral load result (if available)
  • Genotype (if available)
  • Hepatitis C genotype and HCV RNA (if applicable)
  • Medication list
  • Consult notes (if available)
  • Other test results e.g. urine, x-ray, etc. (if available)
  • Proof of health insurance coverage (OHIP, IFH, UHIP)

The SIS Clinic will provide you with services that you need. If OHIP or other provincial insurance does not cover services or you do not have medical coverage available you will be asked to pay for all procedures, products and services and given a bill.

Interim Federal Health (IFH) is a Federal Program that pays for medical services for some refugees and refugee claimants for a short period of time after you arrive in Canada.
The University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) provides hospital and medical services for students or staff and their families at Ontario participating universities and affiliated colleges to maintain their health while in Canada.

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Disclaimer: Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS) offers Google Translate to better facilitate access for our community. However, HHS makes no claims regarding the accuracy of translations. Any and all health information should be verified by a health care professional.