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Business Clerks: support clients, their families and the health care team through registering and arranging appointments as well as many other administrative duties.

Clinical Coordinator: supports front line staff, promotes quality healthcare delivery within the Diabetes Care and Research Program and develops, coordinates and maintains relationships with our community partners.

Dietitians: can provide advice on nutrition, food and healthy eating choices to help you be healthy and address your health concerns. Registered Dietitians take complex medical and nutrition research and make it easier for you to make daily food choices and plan healthy meals. Registered Dietitians are your trusted experts in nutrition. All of our Registered Dietitians are certified diabetes educators who will work with your doctor to help you adjust your diabetes medications and insulin.

Endocrinologist/Internist:  is a diabetes specialist and is responsible for in-depth review of your diabetes management. He/she works with   Physician the Diabetes Care and Research Program professionals and your Family Physician to ensure you have the information to make informed choices about your health. He/she will help you find the right oral medicine and/or insulin to regulate your blood sugar (glucose) level. He or she also will help you adjust medicines as your diabetes changes. 

Kinesiologist: are leaders in the prevention of injury and chronic disease; use exercise in the management of injury and chronic disease; and are devoted to improving performance, health and overall quality of life.

Nurse Practitioners: are able to diagnose and manage many disorders and chronic diseases, prescribe medications for you, order diagnostics, and refer you to specialists if needed. All of our Nurse Practitioners are certified diabetes educators.

Psychologist: can help you deal with the challenges associated with living with diabetes. He/she can help you learn to manage stress, which can affect your blood sugar control.

Nurses: can help you understand your diabetes and its treatment. Having diabetes is a lifelong challenge. And as your disease changes and progresses, your nurse educator can provide the information you need to adjust and change with it. He or she may also coordinate your diabetes care. All of our Registered Nurses are certified diabetes educators.

Research Team: internationally recognized as a leading site for valuable contributions to diabetes research. The objective of every study remains the same – to find a cure and improve the quality of life of people living with diabetes.

Volunteers: works with staff to assist in clinic duties such as clerical and survey data collection. Helps to direct patients through clinic visit when needed.

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Disclaimer: Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS) offers Google Translate to better facilitate access for our community. However, HHS makes no claims regarding the accuracy of translations. Any and all health information should be verified by a health care professional.