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Sexual Assault / Domestic Violence Care Centre

Emergency/Follow-up Medical Care

Emergency Medical Care

If you have experienced sexual assault or domestic violence, and you need medical attention please go to the Emergency Department at the HAMILTON GENERAL or the JURAVINSKI HOSPITAL. If you are under 18, please go to Emergency at MCMASTER CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL.

Upon your arrival, the Hospital will contact a specially trained nurse (SANE) from our program to support you. However, the involvement of Police is your decision and will be respected by Hospital and SA/DVCC staff. The Hospital will not contact the Police without your permission.

Once you are medically cleared, the SANE will accompany you to the treatment room and proceed with the services offered by the clinic. The choice of services offered include:

  • Upon consent and if the assault occured within the past 72 hours, collection and recording of physical evidence for completion of a forensic evidence kit, which may be used in legal proceedings.

  • Information, testing, prophylactic antibiotics to prevent sexually transmitted infections

  • Prophylactic antiviral medications to prevent HIV

  • The emergency contraceptive pill to prevent pregnancy

  • Information and referral to community resources

  • Supportive counselling

  • Arranging follow-up medical care and counselling with our centre

Follow-up Medical Care and Support

The SA/DV clinic provides medical care and counselling to adults and youth over 13 years of age who have experienced sexual assault or childhood sexual abuse. Services for children under the age of 13 are provided by the Child Advocacy and Assessment Program.

Counselling is also available for men, women, and transgendered people who have experienced any kind of violence in their relationships with a current or past partner.

Key Points:

  • You may be seen for counselling at the SA/DV Care Centre even if you did not receive emergency medical care through our centre (or at all).

  • You can call our clinic yourself and we will return your call as soon as possible. You do not have to be referred by another professional.

  • You are in control of medical decisions and counselling sessions.


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