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Urgent Care Centre

Q:           What is Urgent Care? 

A:            Urgent Care offers one-stop patient services for those who have a non-life-threatening illness or injury and need immediate treatment. 

Q:           What types of illnesses or injuries will be treated in the Urgent Care Centre? 

A:            Examples of the types of illnesses and injuries that will be cared for include fever, earaches, eye injuries, cuts, sprains, broken bones or any injury that cannot wait for a family physician. 

Q:           Will the Urgent Care Centre care for children? 

A:            Yes, the Urgent Care Centre will provide care for patients of all ages.

Q:           What are the operating hours of the Urgent Care Centre? 

A:            The Urgent Care Centre will be open 7 days a week, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily

Q:           Where is it located? 

A:            The Urgent Care Centre is located at 690 Main Street West in Hamilton. The closest intersection is Macklin St. and Main St. Patient parking is provided off Macklin St.

Q:           Where do I go when I need emergency care? 

A:            Emergency departments are located at the following locations:

  • Hamilton General Hospital
  • Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre
  • St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton

 McMaster University Medical Centre emergency department at Hamilton Health Sciences is a pediatric-only emergency department.

Q:           What should I do if I think I am having a medical emergency? 

A:            If you are ever unsure, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency department. 

Q:           How is the Urgent Care Centre different from a walk-in clinic? 

A:            The Urgent Care Centre is open 365 days. It also has onsite access to Diagnostic Imaging and Laboratory Services with limited  hours.

Q:           Is the Urgent Care Centre prepared if an emergency arises? 

A:            Yes. Patients with life-threatening illnesses and injuries will be stabilized and transported to an Emergency Department. 

Q:           Why do we need an Urgent Care Centre in Hamilton? 

A:            The Urgent Care Centre will care for patients of all ages with urgent but non-life threatening illnesses and injuries, thereby relieving some of the crowding now seen at emergency departments. 

Q:           In what order will patients be treated? 

A:            Once you are registered, you will be seen by a triage nurse. Our nurses are specially trained to determine, based on their assessment, how long you can safely wait to be seen. Based on the Canadian Triage Assessment System (CTAS) the nurse is guided by specific criteria. Therefore those with emergent or life/limb threatening conditions will be seen first.

At times only a nurse’s care is required. In those cases the nurse will see to your care and be able to discharge you so that others who require the attention of a physician are not waiting as long. On other occasions patients who have been asked to return by a physician will be seen ahead of others.

Q:           If I call an ambulance will they know where to take me? 

A:            Yes. Emergency Services in the area have been involved with community discussions and have been notified about hospital changes. They will know where to direct you in an emergency. 

Q:           Can I call an ambulance to take me to the Urgent Care Centre? 

A:            No. If you require an ambulance, you will be taken to an emergency department. 

Q:           What if I am visiting from out of province or country, can I still be treated at the UCC?

A:            Out of province patients can still be treated at the UCC by providing their health card from the province they reside in. Patients visiting from other countries will be asked to pay for services at the time of their visit.                                                                                    

Q:           How long will I wait?

A:            We try to provide the BEST service possible as quickly as possible. This answer depends on a number of factors.

Your wait will depend on:

  • How sick you are.
  • How sick other patients in Urgent Care are.
  • The number of patients in Urgent Care.
  • Available treatment room and equipment that meets your needs.
  • Diagnostic imaging and laboratory tests may increase the length of a patient's visit

Q:           What if my questions are not answered and the doctor has discharged me?

A:            Please speak with a nurse, they may be able to answer your questions or ask the physician to come back and speak with you.

Q:           When the urgent care centre is busy, can I leave and come back and maintain my place in line?

A:            Certainly patients may step out of the waiting area for short periods, but the expectation is that our patients must be present to maintain their status. If you must leave please speak with the nurse before doing so. Remember, wait times fluctuate quickly so leaving before you are seen may not be the wisest decision.

 Q:           Where can I go for more information of a general nature? 

A:            Please visit:, or call 905-521-2100

Hamilton Health Sciences • Hamilton, Ontario • 905.521.2100

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