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Physician Hospital Partnership - Implementation Group
The Physician Hospital Partnership - Implementation Group (PHP-IG) is a committee comprised of physicians and administrative members of Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS) working to create a culture of mutual respect and trust between HHS and the Medical Staff members. The committee works to:

    • Implement mechanisms, tools, and resources to enhance physician engagement
    • Ensure that HHS and the Medical Staff have a partnership based relationship
    • Create mechanisms and systems to ensure that the expertise of our physicians informs organizational decision making, in a model of shared accountability
    • For HHS and the Medical Staff to action on identified priorities related to making HHS the workplace of choice and a great place to practice medicine


2017/2018 Focus
2017 Spring Summit
For a complete summary of the evening, please see the Spring Summit Summary Report

On April 10, 2017, the Physician-Hospital Partnership Group hosted the Spring Summit: a discussion on collaborative decision-making. The evening brought together physicians and hospital leaders at Hamilton Health Sciences to better understand how we can be more collaborative in decision-making at our organization.

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Post-Spring Summit Working Groups
To address the ideas and opportunities resulting from the Spring Summit, 3 short term Working Groups have been created:

Organizational Structures to Encourage Physician Collaboration
    • This group will work to understand how to align the organizational chart for HHS with the physician leadership and departments
    • We have heard that there is an opportunity to improve navigating the system and supporting more opportunities for collaborations
    • The working group will discuss what this should entail, how we will create a tool, document or other recommendations, and in what given timeline
    • This could include a current listing of 4 or 5 key committees per portfolio or perhaps a larger view of committees, to allow physicians to connect with the chairs to participate in some capacity. There may be a way to provide options on ways to involve physicians, and at a minimum, help to indicate the structure to allow easier navigation for physicians when they identify opportunities
    • The group will work on options, and ideas, stemming from all discussions at the Summit

Decision-Making & Partnering With Physicians Framework
    • This group will work to understand and determine what the framework might look like, and how we facilitate decision-making and partnership with physicians within our organization
    • This work stems from the Staffing Models, Clinical Service & Planning & Equipment discussions at the Summit

Hospital Funding Education
    • This group will work to understand how we can engage physicians and deliver educational tools to increase awareness and understanding of Hamilton Health Science’s funding model
    • This work stems from the Budget, Equipment, Staffing Models & Clinical Service & Planning discussions at the Summit
Dr. Steven Arora
Department of Pediatrics
Kara Campea-Langdon
Talent & OD Specialist
Talent & Organizational Development
Laurie Fox
Medical Affairs
Dr. Smita Halder
Department of Medicine
Donna LaForce
Child & Youth Care
Dr. Robert Lloyd
Department of Pediatrics
Dr. Barry Lumb
Department of Medicine
Rob MacIsaac
President & Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Richard McLean
EVP Inter–Professional Practice & Chief Medical Executive
Medical Affairs
Dr. John Mernagh
Physician, MSA Executive Member
Department of Diagnostic Imaging
Dr. Paul Miller
Physician, Chair Medical Advisory Committee
Department of Emergency Medicine
Dr. Susan O'Leary
Department of Anesthesia
Thomas Perry
Public Relations Specialist
Communications & Public Affairs
Elaine Principi
Chief of Inter–Professional Practice, Juravinski
Inter–Professional Practice
Rosalie Prokopetz
Manager – Physician Affairs
Human Resources
Sandra Ramelli
Office of the CEO & Organizational Development
Lisa Reid
Medical Affairs
Dr. Chris Ricci
Physician, President MSA
Department of Anesthesia
Dr. Catherine Ross
Department of Laboratory Medicine
Dr. Nishma Singhal
Physician, Chair PHP–IG
Public Department of Medicine
Dr. Michael Stacey
Department of Surgery
Erika Unelli
Medical Affairs Specialist
Medical Affairs
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