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Working together to get you home

Getting home – what you need to know

Most often, family or friends pick up patients and drive them home. Planning ahead of time is always best. As the time and/or date of your discharge gets closer, please discuss with your health care team your plans for how to get home. At that time, they can tell you the exact time of your discharge and where to go to be picked up.

Does the hospital pay for my transportation home?

No. When you are well enough to go home and leave the hospital, you are responsible for organizing and paying for your transportation home. “Home” includes your place of residence, a retirement home or a long-term care (LTC) facility, such as a nursing home.

Does this include visits to the Emergency Department?


What if your family or friends cannot drive you home?

There are many options to select from for your transportation home from the hospital. Your health care team can help you decide which options are best suited to your needs. You will need to contact the transportation company directly to arrange to pick you up. Ask for a quote before you book your trip.

What happens if I am going to another hospital?

If you are discharged from Hamilton Health Sciences and going to another hospital, then your health care team will look after your transportation arrangements. There is no charge to patients or families for transfers between hospitals.

Questions or concerns?

Your health care team is here to support you and can answer any questions or concerns you may have.

To prepare for discharge, print this brochure and bring it with you to inform your care team of who is picking you up. You will also find contact information for different transportation options in the area.

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