Nothing is more important to Hamilton Health Sciences than its team, which includes physicians, registered nurses, technologists, technicians, clerical and support staff, and students and volunteers. Hamilton Health Sciences focuses on creating and maintaining a workplace of choice, where staff are recognized and valued. We focus on creating a workplace where people enjoy the challenge of their career, engage in best practices, and are treated with respect.

We are committed to making Hamilton Health Sciences an employer of choice for talented people. In order to meet these objectives, Hamilton Health Sciences offers exceptional benefits and programs to support its employees./

Perks and Benefits - Supports, Resources & Programs

  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Employee Discount and Incentive Program
  • Defined-benefit Pension Plan
  • Internationally Educated Nurses (IEN), English as a Second Language (ESL)
  • Life and Disability Insurance
  • Maternity, Paternity, and Compassion care leave top-up
  • New Grad Registered Nurses 6-month Orientation: through the MOHLTC funded New Graduate Guarantee.
  • Opportunities for Late Career RN's and RPN's(55 years +):to practice in less physically demanding nursing roles.
  • Nurse Integration Project: supports the workplace integration of IEN/ESL nurses at HHS. Employee Discount and Incentive Program: check HR Retirement and Financial Planning Seminars: offered throughout the year
  • Retirement and Financial Planning Seminars: offered throughout the year
  • Tuition Subsidies

Employee Recognition and Staff Events

  • Annual Holiday Teas: held at all sites for HHS staff, physicians & volunteers in December annually.
  • Bravo Awards: awarded for substantive achievement, to be given throughout the year by Leadership.
  • Hamilton Bike to Work Days: as part of the "What makes you proud to be a Hamiltonian?"
  • Long Service Employee Recognition Reception: for employees celebrating 25,40 and 45 years of service.
  • Annual Preceptorship awards for experienced staff who teaches, counsels, inspires, role models, and supports the growth and development of a new staff member or student to an area. An outstanding preceptor does all these things consistently each time he or she has a new person to precept.
  • Annual Cornerstone Awards bestow the highest recognition upon staff members, volunteers and physicians whose outstanding commitment to our organization contributes to the overall well-being and advancement of health care within our community.
  • Pat Mandy Award: recognizes an outstanding employee who demonstrates Hamilton Health Sciences' values of caring and respect.
  • Special Events: hosted throughout the year for charity, community & in celebration of staff. Examples:
    • Nurses Week
    • Volunteer Week
    • United Way Campaigns
    • Annual Children's Christmas Party
    • Staff Appreciation BBQ's: donated by the Volunteer Association - 2 BBQ's at each site during Summer months
  • On-site cafes and gift shops

Health, Safety and Wellness

  • Employee Health Offices
  • Breathe Easy campaign: We're smoke free. Supports and resources related to smoking cessation are available to staff
  • Comprehensive Disability Coverage: in the event of illness from work.
  • Environmental Risk Assessments
  • Employee Health Services (EHS) and Ability Service: for staff/leadership concerns re: Health and Safety.
  • Ergonomic Specialists: available to ensure maximum comfort and safety in the physical work environment.
  • Fit Testing on N95 Masks: to ensure appropriate protection against airborne transmission of illness
  • Health and Safety Events: Staff BBQ and workshops to increase safety awareness and compliance.
  • Healthy Workplace Initiatives: Clean Air Challenges, Bike to Work Week, Carpool Zones, My Shuttle Transport.
  • Immunization: through the EHS offices against the seasonal flu, other vaccinations
  • Joint Health and Safety Committees and Safety/Ability Teams: review incidents related to workplace safety.
  • Preventing Workplace Violence: Policies, education and supports in place.
  • Return to Work Transition: Support for managers and staff
  • Safety Training: for leaders and staff on safety e.g.:(SORS) Training for Leaders, Competent Supervisor Training.
  • Weight Watchers at Work, Yoga


Hamilton Health Sciences publishes two staff newsletters, in paper and electronic format. The Insider Express is distributed bi-weekly via e-mail, and Insider hardcopy is published bi-monthly. Both profile a variety of the latest stories and events occurring across our hospital sites. Staff members with e-mail access will also receive the "This Week @ HHS" weekly e-mail update, containing news, events and other important information.

Commuter Amenities

  • Nearby public transit
  • Carpool sign-up & perks
  • Secure bicycle parking on-site
  • Regular shuttle service between Hamilton Health Sciences sites