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In recognition of National Pain Awareness Week we opened our doors on November 8th from Noon to 6 p.m. for an Open House, and we greeted 80 guests! Participants had an opportunity to meet the CPMU Team, have a tour of our facility, find out what is new in pain management, and review our research and results. We thank all of you for attending! We also thank representatives from the Canadian Pain Coalition for having their booth, sharing the afternoon with us and providing pain education to our guests.



News for 2012



We were happy to welcome our new Medical Director, Dr. Ramesh Zacharias to the CPMU Team in January 2012. We are also pleased to have Ashley Rennie, Administrative Assistant join our Team in October; Lisa Webster, Clinical Manager and Karen Prine, Director, in November 2012.



CPMU on show in Milan



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Pictured Above: Dr. Eleni Hapidou


Our Program has proven to be quite helpful to individuals with chronic pain. In 2007-2009, about 280 patients were seen here for four weeks of chronic pain management in a group setting. They received education on medications, sleep, stress management, pacing and goal setting, self talk and illness behavior, participated in daily fitness sessions, relaxation, hydrotherapy, performed functional activities such as horticulture, crafts and woodworking, and worked on changing thought and behavioral patterns related to activity, mood, and relationships. Upon discharge, patients were satisfied with their treatment, felt they accomplished their goals well, and reported better mood, less anxiety, less pain-related disability, more self-management techniques and coping strategies, and more acceptance of pain.


Past studies also showed that these results are maintained when the patients come back at six weeks post-discharge. What’s more important in the present study is that these results are not only statistically significant, they are also clinically significant. Our patients also provide many positive comments about their experience here and many say they wish they came here earlier.


These results were presented at the 14th World Congress on Pain, August 27-31, 2012, in Milan, Italy.





New! Chronic Pain Self Management Program



As part of the LHIN Self Management Strategy, we are pleased to now be offering the Chronic Pain Self Management Program in the community.


This self management program was developed through Stanford University Patient Education Centre. The program is delivered for 2 hours/week over a 6 week period.


This program was designed specifically for individuals with chronic pain. The program is co-facilitated by 2 leaders in a community setting within our LHIN. We are pleased to be offering the program here at the Chedoke site.


Click here for further information or contact Stella Muia at 1-855-333-2376 or 905-521-2100  ext. 77153




Volunteers: Valued partners providing meaningful support



ray-100pxPictured Left: Mr. Ray Morrison


An old adage claims that you only get out of something what you put into it. But when it comes to volunteering, the satisfaction is many times greater than the hours spent.


I became involved as a volunteer at HHS several years ago, because I believe in the work they do, and I wanted to become more involved in my community. The focus of my volunteer hours is the Chronic Pain Management Unit at Chedoke, where we work with patients of all ages who are learning to cope with chronic pain they experience as a result of injury or illness.


Afternoons spent working with the patients involve everything from horticultural therapy to crafts. One of the most rewarding parts of the program has been an ongoing project to make tricycle pedal attachments for the children's rehabilitation therapy program at Chedoke. Brightly decorated wooden attachments fitted with Velcro secure the child's feet to the pedals, transforming ordinary tricycles and allowing children with limited lower limb mobility to have fun, get exercise and build strength.


An added bonus has been the ability to involve pain management patients in making and decorating the pedal attachments - a win/win for everyone.


Now that spring is here, it won't be long before we open the outdoor raised gardens - and patients, staff and volunteers alike are looking forward to that.




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