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Acquired Brain Injury Community Services

The ABI Community Services Program provides rehabilitation to patients and families with an acquired brain injury.   We work with our clients to develop goals that are meaningful for them to return to function, community, school or work. This functional approach, based on neurobehavioural model, maximizes opportunities to practice and learn in a safe and non-threatening community setting.

These services are funded via third party insurers (WSIB, MVA, Extended health) or via private pay;  these are not funded under OHIP.

Care We Provide

  • Rehabilitation therapy
  • Neuropsychological assessment
  • Neuropsychological counseling

Rehabilitation Therapy

An Advanced Rehabilitation Therapist will complete an intake to identify your goals and needs and then develop an individualized treatment program that focuses on relearning practical skills needed for daily living.  The model focuses on mentorship, data collection, developing strategies, progress reports, and collaborating with community teams to ensure continuous care

If the client has other providers such as OT, SLP, PT, the Advanced Rehabilitation Therapist will connect with them to incorporate like goals together.  If you are not working with other professionals, we can make recommendations and help set this up.

Examples of treatment we have completed with other clients:

  • Connecting, and then attending with clients to work-working sessions to achieve goals around leisure, routine, socialization.
  • Attending with clients to volunteering or return to work or school to achieve goals around vocation.
  • Facilitating and organizing transportation for clients medical appointments; some clients will have their Rehabilitation Therapist attend with them for the physical or emotional support.

We will work with clients and families to apply for funding.

Referrals can be made via phone by calling 905 521 2100 x 40865, or by completing the referral form on this page and faxing to  905 521 2359

Neuropsychological Assessments and Counselling

Neuropsychological Assessments are designed for those who have sustained a traumatic brain injury. The assessment will provide formal testing on cognitive abilities. The testing results will assist with determining the cause of symptoms, suitability to return to work or drive, what academic supports are required, assisting with rehabilitation planning, and more.

A neuropsychologist provides client-centered counseling with you and sometimes your family members to develop goals for emotional and psychological health.

Referrals can be made via phone by calling 905 521 2100 x 40865, or by completing the referral form on this page and faxing to  905 521 2359

Behaviour Educational and Training Service Assessment (BEATS)

BEATS (Behavioural Education and Training Service) is a community-based service designed to assist those with acquired brain injury who exhibit challenging behaviours. Clients may reside in a variety of settings including: long-term care, specialized group homes, lodging homes, hospitals, or their family residence.

Behavioural interventions involve:

  • An analysis of an individual’s interaction with his/her environment, and
  • Developing methods whereby environmental stimuli minimize difficult behaviour and evoke positive pro-social behaviour