Patients, visitors, staff and healthcare providers can find the latest COVID-19 updates here.


*This information is based on data updated between 7am and 8am from Monday to Friday.

COVID-19 Information

HHS patients with confirmed COVID-19* 29
Patients with COVID-19 in the ICU 15
Today’s ICU occupancy rate**
(based on normal ICU bed complement and temporary surge beds)
Overall funded adult acute occupancy at Hamilton General Hospital***
Overall funded adult acute occupancy at Juravinski Hospital***

*HHS is also caring for patients who are no longer COVID positive but remain in hospital for COVID-related care.
**Medical and other clinical resources needed to care for a patient on ECMO are significantly more than for other ICU patients. HHS (Hamilton General Hospital) is the regional provider of this level of care.
***HHS must also have 15 per cent capacity available within 24-48 hours for pandemic surge response as per government direction.

Outbreak Information

No Current Outbreaks

These units are closed to visits, except on compassionate grounds and closed for new admissions.

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