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COVID-19: Learners & Students

Vaccinations for Learners & Students

Vaccinating staff, patients, and learners against COVID is a critical step in preventing the spread of serious disease and reducing transmission. In accordance with guidelines published by the Ministry of Health, all health care learners placed at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton or Hamilton Health Sciences are eligible to register for vaccination. Learners may register for their vaccine up to six weeks prior to their placement.

If you want a vaccine sign up HERE .

Please note:

You can choose your vaccination location, however you MUST receive both doses at the same location. At present, you cannot get your second dose at a different location. Please consider this carefully when signing up.

If you have additional questions, refer to:


Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do international and out of province students get registered as the provincial system requires an OHIP card number?

Those individuals without an OHIP card will need to book through the city call centre (number available on City of Hamilton website). They will not be able to register online.

2) What verification is required for learners to confirm that they are in a healthcare program and will be working at the academic health sciences centres at SJHH and HHS?

The learners require their student ID as proof that they are working in the healthcare field.

3) What happens if a learner receives their first vaccine in Hamilton and are subsequently doing a rotation outside of Hamilton. Can they receive their 2nd vaccine elsewhere?

First and second dose need to be scheduled at the same location (no option to switch sites between doses), however they can book into any clinic in the province.

4) With new learners starting July 1st, what will be the new process for new residents and other learners getting vaccinated? What priority will they be assigned?

Learners will continue to register using the SJHH-HHS sign-up app. Lists are pulled regularly and uploaded – learners will get a token that enables them to sign-up on the portal being prioritized as HCWs.

Screening for Learners & Students

As part of our commitment to a safe and healthy workplace, learners are required to complete an online self-screening tool prior to every admittance to the hospital site. The self-screening tool is a quick and convenient way for you to screen for any symptoms of COVID-19 prior to your shift.

Here’s how it works:

  • Before you come into the hospital, go to staffscreen.hhsc.ca or scan the QR code on posters at staff entrances
  • Enter zero in the ID field, complete your personal details (name, email), select Students for Job Category, Site you are entering and proceed to the screen questions
  • At the end of the screen, you will receive a message directing you to proceed to the site or self-isolate and notify EHS
  • Have your HHS or student ID ready for entry to the hospital

All staff, physicians and learners who self-screen using the online screening tool and have a clean mask to don before entering the hospital will not have to stop at a screening booth.


  • You will need to have a clean mask with you and don it prior to entering the hospital. Hand sanitizing stations are available at all entrances so that you can clean your hands before putting on your mask.
  • A mask and paper bag will be provided to you at the end of your previous shift to take home and bring back with you for your next shift. Your manager will provide details about how this will work in your area.

If you do not have access to a clean mask

  • If you have not completed the self-screening tool prior to arriving at a clinical site, verbal screening will be completed at the visitors’ entrance
  • If you fail screening, you are to contact Hamilton Health Sciences’ Employee Health Services (EHS) at COVIDFORMS@HHSC.CA or ext. 42200, and provide details including your name, symptoms and contact information so that COVID-19 testing can be arranged. Your health card should be readily available, as it will be required by both EHS and Public Health.
  • Any learner who is non-compliant with screening processes will be denied entry to Hamilton Health Sciences and will be reported to their academic program.

If you have any questions, please contact the HITS Helpdesk via myIT, email to helpd@hhsc.ca or 905-521-2100 ext. 43000.

Parent and Caregiver Resources

Scenarios for staff when children are sent home from school/childcare
Staff options when kids return to school FAQ

COVID-19 Testing for Students and Learners

Criteria for COVID-19 testing of Learners and Students (currently on placement at Hamilton Health Sciences):

  • Learners and Students who have a fever of 37.8 C or higher, or new onset or worsening of cough, or difficulty breathing need to contact Employee Health Services (EHS) at covidforms@hhsc.ca or 905-521-2100 ext. 42200 to be referred for COVID-19 testing. They must not attend their placement until cleared to do so by EHS.
  • Learners and Students who are experiencing any two of the following minor symptoms: unexplained runny nose, sore throat, headache, muscle aches, nausea, anosmia (loss of smell) or diarrhea need to contact Employee Health Services (EHS) at covidforms@hhsc.ca or 905-521-2100 ext. 42200 to be referred for COVID-19 testing. They must not attend placement until cleared to do so by EHS.
  • Learners and Students, who are experiencing only one of the above minor symptoms, need to contact Employee Health Services (EHS) at covidforms@hhsc.ca or 905-521-2100 ext. 42200 to be referred for COVID-19 testing.
  • Learners and Students, who are concerned that they may have been exposed to COVID-19 are encouraged to contact Employee Health Services (EHS) at covidforms@hhsc.ca or 905-521-2100 ext. 42200.

Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) Checklist

The overarching goal of IPAC is to protect the health and safety of our patients, staff, physicians and Learners. This check list provides a summary of IPAC recommendations that help reduce risk in the hospital setting.

HHS and SJHH are also committed to the prevention of occupational illness and injury and supports an environment free from violence and harassment. HHS will take every precaution reasonable in the circumstance for the protection of our healthcare workers.

View the IPAC checklist here.

Locker Rooms and Break Spaces

At each of the sites, lockers are available for day use. Learners are asked to bring a lock and keep all belongings, including lunches, in these lockers. Kindly refrain from using space on the units that is designated for staff.

For locker areas that require a pass code, please contact your academic program for this information.

Locker Locations

Site Locker location

Juravinski Hospital


Juravinski Hospital G Wing, Level 0


General Hospital


General Hospital Level 0, West end of building (Rooms B0-020 and B0-025)

McMaster University Medical Centre Students with McMaster Faculty of Health Sciences: Please contact your respective program within McMaster Faculty of Health Sciences.
Others: HSC 1J1 and 1J2
St. Peter’s Hospital Basement Level:

  • Female locker room – West end
  • Male locker room – East end
West Lincoln Memorial Hospital Basement Level:

  • Both men’s and women’s locker rooms are located near the Halfway Café

For breaks and meals, learners are to use the common areas available at each site. Additional space is available as noted below:

Site Location

Juravinski Hospital

Please refer to this memo.

General Hospital

Please refer to this memo.
McMaster University Medical Centre There are two rooms currently open as lunch/break rooms: HSC Farncombe Atrium and HSC 4H1.

Farncombe Atrium (3rd floor Blue)
Open 7 days/week
8 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Closed for cleaning daily between 1:30 p.m. to 2:10 p.m.

HSC 4H1 (4th floor Purple)
Open 7 days/week
8 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Closed for cleaning daily between 11:30 a.m. – 12 p.m.



To learn about Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) during the COVID-19 pandemic, please visit this page.