COVID-19: Resources for Physicians

Billing for uninsured patients

The Ministry of Health (MOH) is committed to ensuring that all people in Ontario receive medically necessary health care during the COVID-19 outbreak. The MOH has established temporary payment mechanisms to facilitate hospital and physician payments for all medically necessary services provided to patients who are not currently insured under OHIP or another provincial or private insurance plan.

• Effective March 20, 2020 physicians who perform any services for uninsured patients at Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS) will be remunerated by HHS at existing rates listed in the Schedule of Benefits for Physician Services. Physicians should not bill uninsured patients for any services provided at HHS. Physicians (or their billing agency) should complete and email their monthly billing template to HHS. HHS will be responsible collecting and distributing payment to physicians. Detailed instructions are provided below.

• Effective immediately HHS staff should no longer collect upfront payment for any services provided to uninsured patients. HHS staff should continue to collect insurance information from all relevant patients. There are no other changes to registration processes for uninsured patients. Please direct questions to Betty Duan.

• This process is temporary and communication should be clear to patients who may be on longer care plans as billing subsequent to the termination of the temporary measure is the responsibility of the patient. As a result, all patients must sign the Authorization of Charges form at registration.