Learning Opportunities

Hamilton Health Sciences offers a variety of experiential learning opportunities. The process and timelines for onboarding are variable, depending on the opportunity. It is strongly recommended that you allocate at least 6-8 weeks for this process. Placements cannot begin until onboarding is completed in full and you’ve receive notification of clearance from the Office of Student Affairs.

Learning Opportunity Process

  1. Complete and submit an Application for Experiential Education Placement.
  2. Confirmation will be provided from studentaffairs@hhsc.ca once the request is matched with appropriate placement .
  3. Complete and return required documentation:
    • Pre-Placement Immunization form for Learners and Students (this step may take 6 – 8 weeks)
    • Signed Confidentiality Agreement
    • Signed learner undertaking agreement (this will be provided to the learner at a later date by the Office of Student Affairs)
    • Note: All forms must be submitted in pdf or word format. Photos will not be accepted.
  4. Complete assigned elearning modules
  5. Receive ‘Clearance’ from Office of Student Affairs
  6. Learner may begin placement

See an outline of available learning opportunities below.

Career Exploration/Job Shadowing

This is an observational experiential education opportunity to assist individuals to make better informed decision about potential career choices. The length of this opportunity can vary between 1-3 days and will be determined by the Office of Student Affairs in collaboration with the hosting unit.

Career Exploration / Job Shadowing is strictly observational with no “hands on” and/or no “direct patient care” activities. As an observer, you must be partnered with a staff member at all times.

Requests to observe or shadow physicians will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Dietetic Internship Program

Hamilton Health Sciences has entered into a collaboration agreement with the School of Food and Nutritional Sciences at Brescia University College regarding dietetic practicum. Both organizations are committed to ensuring that the dietetic practicums at HHSC are preserved and integrated into the post-undergraduate academic programs at Brescia.

If you are interested in applying for dietetic training at Hamilton Health Sciences, we invite you to apply to Brescia’s Diploma in Dietetic Education & Practical Training Program by January 18, 2019.

Application available at: http://brescia.uwo.ca/academics/certificate-and-diploma-programs/diploma-foods-nutrition/

For Hamilton Health Sciences:

  1. Choose Hamilton/Niagara in your geographic location choices
  2. Indicate your preference for Hamilton Health Sciences in your cover letter

Experiential Education Opportunity Placement

If the placement you are seeking is an experiential education opportunity required as part of an academic course of study, click here to begin the application process.

If your placement is not related to a school program requirement, please contact studentaffairs@hhsc.ca to further discuss your request.

High School Co-op Placement

High school students interested in unpaid co-op placements at HHS should contact their school co-op teacher directly. These placements are organized at the school board level in collaboration with HHS.

Medical Learner Placement

Electives for undergraduate medical students and residents are coordinated by McMaster University.

For more information about undergraduate medical electives, please view the website for the Undergrad MD Electives Office at McMaster University.

For more information for resident electives, please view the website for the Postgraduate Medical Education Office at McMaster University.

For information about credentialing, contact Medical Affairs.

Note: Hamilton Health Sciences does not accommodate observerships for undergraduate medical students.

Psychology Predoctoral Residency Program Placement

HHS offers a Predoctoral Psychology Residency Program accredited by the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA). In this program, Residents are exposed to a range of patient populations and intervention approaches through their participation on interdisciplinary teams. This breadth and depth is an attractive attribute of the Predoctoral Residency Programs at Hamilton Health Sciences.

Read more information about the predoctoral residency program.

Pre-doctoral residency program in clinical neuropsychology brochure

Pre-doctoral residency in clinical child psychology brochure

Simulation & Outreach Program

The Simulation & Outreach program supports excellence in simulation-based education and research at McMaster Children’s Hospital and in the surrounding region.

Learn more about the Simulation and Outreach program.

Special Techniques in Radiotherapy Course

What: A course in special techniques: SRS/SBRT using CyberKnife and TBI/TSEI using a conventional LINAC

Juravinski Cancer Centre, Hamilton, ON

April 29-30/2019

Target Audience:
Medical Physicists, Trainees

Medical Physicists, Radiation Oncologists, Physics Associates and Radiation Therapists with extensive experience with these special techniques.

Tuition: $200 ($100 trainees)

Breakfast and lunch is provided.

Course content:

  • Radiosurgery (SRS, SBRT, CyberKnife)
  • Total Skin Electron Irradiation (TSEI)
  • Total Body Radiation (TBI)
  • Course content: Etiology, epidemiology and clinical considerations will be addressed for diseases associated with each special radiotherapy technique. In addition, practical experience will be gained regarding treatment delivery as well as the quality assurance initiatives required to run a successful program.
  • Accreditation from CAMPEP: pending

Special Techniques in Radiotherapy Course -Agenda & Photos


Roxana Vlad, PhD, MCCPM
Lisa Nie, MSc, Phys


If you are interested in volunteering, please visit the Volunteering page.