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Sylvia Jones, Deputy Premier and Minister of Health anounces $30 million boost in funding at McMaster Children’s Hospital.
November 27, 2023

Ontario Connecting Children and Youth in Hamilton to Care Close to Home

 $30 million boost in funding to expand pediatric services in the Hamilton region

The Ontario government is investing an additional $30 million to expand pediatric health services in the Hamilton region to connect children and youth to more convenient and high-quality care closer to home. This is part of the Ontario government’s recent additional investment of $330 million each year in paediatric health services at hospitals, clinics and community-based health care facilities across Ontario.

Read the full release from the Ontario Ministry of Health.

“We recognize the Government of Ontario for its historic and transformational investment to increase service at McMaster Children’s Hospital. This remarkable support is closing many of the critical gaps within the pediatric system. Our skilled healthcare professionals will now be supported so we can reduce wait times and improve access across the spectrum of kids’ care. It’s a huge step forward in ensuring that every child can get the care that they need.”

– Bruce Squires, President, McMaster Children’s Hospital, and Vice President, Women & Children’s Health, Hamilton Health Sciences