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hair cutting
December 20, 2019

Autism Program’s hair clinic is a cut above

Getting a fresh hair cut to look one’s best on Santa’s knee is pretty standard at this time of year. For a lot of families, getting their child’s hair cut is a stressful and overwhelming experience. Many avoid it all together. In response to this situation, the McMaster Children’s Hospital (MCH) Autism Program has created a specialized clinic to make this undertaking a little easier.

“From the sound of the clippers to the feeling of loose hair on the neck, the sensory nature of a hair-cut can be difficult for children with autism. We’ve heard from many parents that getting their child’s hair cut can be a very challenging experience. Visits aren’t always successful,” said Amy Phillips, a clinical leader in the Autism Program.

Our goal is to help make families’ lives easier

Teaming up with local hairstylists from Ragamuffins on Locke St. in Hamilton, the Autism Program is piloting a hair-cutting clinic at Ron Joyce Children’s Health Centre throughout the winter. All of the stylists are experienced at cutting the hair of children with unique needs.

The process involves a pre-consultation with a clinician which gives parents some strategies and homework to help prepare their child for the upcoming cut. Then, an Autism Therapist will join the family at the salon to help provide support during the hair cutting appointment.

“We are very excited to be able to provide this service to families. Our goal is to help make families’ lives easier,” said Phillips.

This clinic is part of the Autism Program’s commitment to its improve the lives of children and families by providing innovative services.

Interested in booking? Contact 905.521.2100 ext 78972.