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A person wearing a white uniform and N95 mask hands a white back out of the back of a truck onto a table
Bay Area Health Trust’s SteriRight was the country’s first company to design and offer a suite of services including N95 mask reprocessing. SteriRight offers products and services that reduce contamination risk in a safe, effective and accessible manner. (July 2020 photo at SteriRight launch at McMaster Innovation Park)
February 4, 2021

An exceptional year for Bay Area Health Trust

Innovators thrive on challenges, which explains why 2020 was such an exceptional year for Bay Area Health Trust (BAHT).

Dave McCaig, smiling

Dave McCaig is executive vice president of corporate affairs and chief financial officer for HHS, and a BAHT board member.

“Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS) is proud and grateful to be a beneficiary of BAHT, a company innovating to bring our community solutions and investing to create the change health care needs through its life science businesses,” says Dave McCaig, executive vice president of corporate affairs and chief financial officer for HHS. McCaig is also a BAHT board member.

Stepping up to challenges

BAHT’s annual summary report – 2020 Bay Area Health Trust’s Transformational Year for Future Growth — highlights key projects and initiatives from last year, including how BAHT contributed to fighting the pandemic locally.

Dr. Ted Scott, smiling

Dr. Ted Scott is HHS’ vice president of research and chief innovation officer, and a BAHT board member.

“The BAHT team stepped up to the many challenges that came its way, and was instrumental in supporting the front lines in the fight against COVID-19,” said Dr. Ted Scott, HHS’ vice president of research and chief innovation officer, and a member of BAHT’s board of directors.

BAHT leveraged its expertise in supply chains and managing drugs, and its experience in structuring business deals to sign an agreement with McMaster University for rights to a patented molecular medium, which will allow for increased COVID-19 testing capacity. “McMaster molecular medium can streamline workflows in testing, eliminate the need to manually transfer thousands of samples per day and keep lab personnel safe – making it ideal for clinical and research environments,” said McCaig.

The annual report shares that in 2020, BAHT announced the `Bay Area Health Trust – Building a Healthy Community Fund’ to be used for initiatives proposed by BAHT and HHS. The report also shares that the Green Shoot Healthcare Innovation Program was launched to HHS late last summer. This program was created as an outlet for innovation in the healthcare space for ideas originating within the HHS employee community.

“The business world is evolving quickly, and Bay Area Health Trust has been changing along with it,” said Peter Kalra, BAHT’s president and  CEO. “It has been reassuring to see how the BAHT team has risen to meet every challenge, continuously guided by our stated purpose of providing value to our stakeholders and beneficiaries.”