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Two leading-edge programs at Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre have been recognized at the 16th annual Quality and Innovation Awards. Both programs focus on having specialized conversations with patients or children of cancer patients.
December 29, 2020

An update on the COVID-19 outbreaks at Hamilton Health Sciences

There are currently three Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS) sites with declared COVID outbreaks.

Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre

Of the 51 patients linked to the outbreak at the Juravinski Hospital, four remain at the site. All others either been discharged, have ended their isolation period or were transferred to another care setting. There have been less than 10 patient deaths linked to this outbreak. Our teams share the pain experienced by those who have lost loved ones.

Among staff members or physicians, 51 have also resulted positive, with 37 having completed their self-isolation period and returned to work while 14 are still at home. Two learners have also been cleared.

Regular point-prevalence testing for patients and staff/physicians continues to help control the outbreak.

The outbreaks have occurred at the Juravinski Hospital section of the Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre (JHCC).

St. Peter’s Hospital

The Restorative Care Unit is currently closed for admissions as a result of the outbreak, which was declared on December 17. No patients linked to the outbreak remain at the site.

Hamilton General Hospital

In consultation with Hamilton Public Health Services, HHS has declared an outbreak of COVID-19 on 7 West Unit at Hamilton General Hospital after two patients tested positive for the virus on December 28. The two patients have been discharged or transferred to the COVID unit at the HGH site and currently there are no COVID cases on 7 West.

The unit is currently closed for admissions and restrictions are in place regarding visits.

We are currently testing all health care workers on this unit, as well as any staff and physicians who may have spent prolonged periods of time there. We are also testing the remainder of patients on the unit.

No visitors are currently allowed on the units in outbreaks, except on compassionate grounds.

Steps are in place to maintain the safety of these areas and patients should continue to attend their appointments at the Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre and Hamilton General Hospital to receive the care they need.

Inpatient care for specialized cancer treatment is being maintained and all patients are receiving their intended care.

Due to the spread of COVID-19 in our community, we have revised our visiting guidelines. Visitors and caregivers should check hamiltonhealthsciences.ca for information.

Media contact:
Wendy Stewart