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abstract image of CT scanner
May 7, 2020

Procurement process to renew diagnostic and imaging equipment underway

Together with our managed equipment service (MES) partner, Siemens Healthineers Canada, Hamilton Health Sciences is starting the procurement process to renew almost 129 pieces of diagnostic and imaging equipment across our sites.

This first phase of renewal accounts for approximately 25% of our current fleet of over 500 pieces of equipment. Within three years, half of this equipment will be replaced and within five years, almost all will be replaced.

Equipment included in this first phase of renewal spans all of our sites, and comprises:

• CT scanner at WLMH
• MRI scanner at MUMC
• ultrasound systems
• mobile C-arms (allows surgeon to view images during a surgical procedure)
• X-ray systems
• mobile X-ray machines
• nuclear medicine cameras (used to take pictures of tissues and organs after a radio isotope is injected into the patient.
• echocardiograph (EEG), electroencephalograms (EEG), and electromyography (EMG) machines (used to assess the nervous system)
• mammography system
• multi-purpose fluoroscopy room (allows team to view ‘live’ images of the inside of the body during for example, barium studies, endoscopy exams and swallowing assessments)
• stress testing equipment (used to detect cardiac disease)
• PACS workstations

“The process to procure equipment/technology will be fair, transparent and adhere to BPS guidelines,” says Leslie Gauthier, VP, Clinical Support Services and Surgery. “As always, our staff and physicians will be involved in the selection process of this critical equipment.”

Staff will also receive training on the latest tools, and have 24/7 access to on-site support from Siemens to make sure equipment is running smoothly.

MES is an important part of the transformation underway at HHS to ensure that we remain a sustainable, leading healthcare organization for years to come.

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