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March 12, 2019

Report: Unlocking a healthier future

We’ve reached an important time for health care in Canada. We’re at a crux. We need total, transformational change to mount some of the big challenges that our health systems are facing country-wide.

But at Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS), in partnership with McMaster University, we’re exploring and implementing innovative solutions to change the tides for the better, and we’re doing it through world-leading health research.

Our research teams are helping us unlock important answers about health and health care so we can bring more value to our patients and their families. For example, our teams are helping patients with heart rhythm issues live better and with fewer complications. They’re finding new treatment options for patients with late-stage cancer so that they can live longer and more comfortably. And, they’re working various cultural groups to create healthier futures for their children by detecting and mitigating potential health issues earlier on.

Learn more about how research at HHS is making a difference in people’s lives and in our healthcare system, for the better, in our latest report.

Research at Hamilton Health Sciences is conducted in partnership with McMaster University.