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October 11, 2016

What is Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation?

Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation is focused on raising funds and managing donor gifts that enable the teams at Hamilton Health Sciences to have the essentials to enable excellence in patient care.

Government does not fund equipment for our hospitals, so The Foundation relies on individuals and organizations in the community to help us ensure that those essentials, whether large or small, are in place. This equipment ranges from everyday necessities such as IV poles, pain pumps and beds to the latest high-technology tools such as ultrasound units, MRI machines and CT scanners.

The Foundation also supports the research and education needs of the talented teams at Hamilton Health Sciences. This support takes many forms, including the funding of Academic Research Chairs, as well as a wide variety of fellowships, bursaries, awards, and other research initiatives that span the range of programs at Hamilton Health Sciences. In addition, redevelopment initiatives, such as the CIBC Breast Assessment Centre, Ophthalmology and the Restorative Care Gym, also require community support through The Foundation.

The sites supported by The Foundation provide specialized care that spans the spectrum of life’s journey from prenatal and neonatal care to palliative care. Donor support is critical to making this high level of care possible. From outpatient clinics and emergency care to leading-edge research into the causes, treatments and cures for many of today’s most devastating illnesses, the impact of donor gifts is felt across Hamilton Health Sciences and by patients throughout south-central Ontario.