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January 27, 2022

HHS is committed to our COVID Vaccination Management Policy

HHS is committed to our COVID Vaccination Management Policy. We are grateful to the majority (upwards of 98%) of HHS staff and physicians who chose to get fully vaccinated in order to further protect our patients and their colleagues.

Unfortunately, 138 individuals have been terminated as a result of their choice to leave their employment with HHS rather than comply with the organization’s COVID-19 Vaccination Management Policy. Each of these individuals has been provided ample time to comply with the policy and have decided against doing so.

HHS also previously ended the employment of 40 individuals who chose not to comply with the vaccine management policy, including mandatory reporting or testing requirements outlined in provincial directive #6 issued by Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health.

These individuals worked in both clinical and non-clinical roles across our hospital. More than 60% were part-time or casual. The impact of their departure has been planned for in order to minimize any disruption to hospital services.



For more information, please contact:

Wendy Stewart
Communications & Public Affairs