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A nursing quality council member stands in portrait.
December 3, 2018

Introducing… a Nursing Quality Council member

Mary Atadja is a registered nurse and has been a member of the Nursing Quality Council at Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS) since 2016. She also works in the intensive care unit (ICU) at Juravinski Hospital and recently started a temporary position in the women’s health ICU at McMaster University Medical Centre (MUMC).

What do you do?

My involvement with the Nursing Quality Council allows me to contribute to my profession beyond the unit where I work. As a committee within HHS, our purpose is to improve patient care experiences through excellence in nursing practice. We support the professional development and growth of our nurses and support strategies that promote a healthy work environment.

Being on the council made my career even more rewarding and led to similar roles. I recently became co-chair of the newly-launched community of practice at our Juravinski Hospital site. I also work on the engagement, relationships and health collaborative group through the Nursing Quality Council.

We have an amazing team that cares for patients with all kinds of women’s health issues.

For my nursing role, I currently work in the women’s health reproductive ICU at MUMC. We have an amazing team that cares for patients with all kinds of women’s health issues, including high-risk peri- and post-natal patients.

What do you love most about your role?

I love the giving aspect of nursing and do my best to help patients achieve their health goals. When I see someone at the end of life, someone without hope who nearly touches the grave then bounces back, it brings me great joy to see them get well.

Participating in the Nursing Quality Council enables me to be part of the journey to influence best nursing practices at HHS. We look at what we can do together to bring out the best in care. I truly enjoy meeting my fellow nurses and talking about the Council and its work.

Being open to change and new things, helped to support my own development.

Tell us about your most gratifying experience at HHS.

I had a great manager earlier in my career who went out of her way to listen and support me. Moving from one unit to another enhanced my abilities and prepared me for success in a critical care environment.

Being open to change and new things, helped to support my own development and movement within the organization.

What’s one thing people would be surprised to learn about your role?

I think people are surprised the Nursing Quality Council is not just for formal leaders. Any nursing care provider or front-line nurse can join and contribute to influencing great nursing practice at HHS.

The Nursing Quality Council acts as a steering committee to the various nursing communities of practice, collaboratives/committees and forums to address, advise and make recommendations on matters that are nursing sensitive. It identifies relevant issues in the nursing profession for over 4,000 nurses employed at Hamilton Health Sciences.

For more information on the Nursing Quality Council, staff can visit the nursing page on the intranet, or contact Charissa Cordon or Debbie Mings