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July 18, 2018

Nine spots to enjoy the outdoors at Hamilton Health Sciences

Hospitals aren’t just about operating rooms and IV drips. Each of our Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS) sites has outdoor space where patients, families, and staff can unwind and get fresh air. Being outdoors – or near a window with a view – can relieve stress and even help you heal.

Check out these beautiful places to get outside at HHS!

1. The gazebo at West Lincoln Memorial Hospital

The gazebo at West Lincoln Memorial Hospital is tucked away in a cluster of mature trees providing a beautiful, shady spot for patients, families and staff to unwind. It’s got lots of benches to relax on while you enjoy an outdoor lunch and a small pond to welcome frogs and birds into the space.

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2. The courtyard at St. Peter’s Hospital

St. Peter’s sits on a beautiful property in Hamilton’s Blakeley neighbourhood. It’s full of foliage and shade trees with lots of nooks and crannies for some quiet time outside.

The courtyard is often bustling with activity and the covered patios that border it are a great place to sit and watch while staff and patients tend to the communal garden or pick fresh raspberries.

In the winter, the space becomes a wonderland of twinkling lights for everyone in the community to enjoy.

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3. The playground and therapy track at Ron Joyce Children’s Health Centre

The outdoor playground at Ron Joyce Children’s Health Centre is a place for our young patients’ imaginations to run wild. The creative design lends itself to both developmental rehabilitation and make believe play. The multilevel playground is accessible and was designed to include graduated challenges that can be incorporated into therapy.

Tucked behind the children’s playground is a serene therapy track. This multi-level pathway is used for bike, wheel chair and gait training so patients can practice on different surfaces and elevations. It’s also an outdoor testing ground for patients trying out new prosthetics and orthotics, and a quiet spot for staff to enjoy a quick break outdoors.

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4. The play courtyards at McMaster Children’s Hospital

McMaster Children’s Hospital (MCH) is lucky to have three bright and fun courtyards dedicated to family play. These sunny spaces are full of interactive toys for patients to use with their siblings and families. Getting outside can be challenging when you’re sick, but thanks to support from generous donors, these play spaces make it as easy as possible.

The play courtyards are located on the third floor of MCH.

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5. The Healing Garden and rock garden at Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre

The Healing Garden on the third floor at Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre is a beautiful place to escape and relax. It is fully wheelchair accessible and has lots of benches for patients, families and staff to sit on while they read a book or have a snack.

Look out the a north facing window from the hospital’s east wing and you’ll see a beautiful tiered rock garden full of foliage and day lilies. It’s a gorgeous sight for patients to enjoy from their rooms.

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6. The patio at Hamilton General Hospital

The patio tucked behind Marketplace on Victoria, the cafeteria at Hamilton General Hospital, is a summer staple for staff. It’s also a great outdoor space for families and patients to get some fresh air.

It has plenty of picnic tables for an outdoor meal, and trees and a pavilion to provide shade. Since it’s easily accessible from the cafeteria, it’s a favourite spot to enjoy a quick coffee break outside.

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7. The therapy track at the Regional Rehabilitation Centre

The large green space behind the Regional Rehabilitation Centre was built with patient therapy in mind. The walking path is inlaid with distance markers to measure progress, and elements like handrails, steps, and benches can be used in the rehabilitation process.

The space is also dotted with tables and benches for patients, families and staff to enjoy a break in the sunshine or shade.

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8. The rock garden at the CIBC Breast Assessment Centre (BAC)

Stumbling upon the rock garden is like finding a hidden gem, tucked away in plain sight. It’s tough to spot from the road but when you approach, it’s hard to believe you’ve walked by this beautiful space dozens of times without noticing it.

It’s a cozy little hideaway- the perfect spot to read a few pages of a good book or listen to a podcast. The beautiful natural landscape provides a calming effect for patients who are undergoing testing or receiving results.

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9. The picnic patio at McMaster University Medical Centre (MUMC)

This colourful outdoor space just reopened this summer. It’s a bright and cheerful oasis, centrally located behind the Corner Cafe. It’s beautifully sunny and dotted with brand new picnics tables waiting to host your lunch date or casual meeting.

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Do you have a favourite space to add? Email us at share@hhsc.ca