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Patient Nancy Lewis
May 31, 2018

Recovering from breast cancer at the gym

Nancy Lewis grew concerned when she noticed an abnormality in her right breast in 2016. Her family doctor referred her to the CIBC Breast Assessment Centre, where she received a shocking diagnosis of stage III breast cancer in her right breast and stage I cancer in her left breast.

She underwent three months of chemotherapy to shrink the nearly 12-cm tumour, followed by a double mastectomy in July 2016.

“Exercise has given me more stamina.”

“The surgery successfully removed the cancer,” explains Nancy, “but I needed ongoing radiation therapy and targeted immunotherapy to slow or stop the cancer from growing and prevent a reoccurrence.”

Nancy completed a year of treatment in August 2017 and is now in remission. She visits Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre (JHCC) every six months for follow-up appointments.

The impact of exercise  

As part of her ongoing care, Nancy participates in a special rehabilitation program that is tailored for patients recovering from cancer.

“The mastectomy caused some chest and arm pain as well as mobility issues, so my exercise routine is focused on strengthening my upper body,” she says. “Exercise has given me more stamina and I feel more energized.”

Thankful for specialized care

Nancy is eternally grateful for the specialized breast cancer care that was provided to her.

“Every single person I’ve spoken to at JHCC has treated me with the utmost respect. It means so much that everybody there goes above and beyond to help patients like me.”

Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre Foundation is hosting a special event highlighting the exercise and rehabilitation programs at JHCC on June 2, 2018.