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Hamilton Health Sciences Home
West Lincoln Memorial Hospital
November 27, 2020

Safety Couldn’t Wait: Upgrading the WLMH Operating Rooms

Take a tour of the recently upgraded West Lincoln Memorial Hospital operating rooms (OR) and endoscopy suite, which includes:

  • A new top-of-the-line heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system to control temperature and humidity
  • A newer, larger endoscopy suite which allows patients to have important screening procedures, like colonoscopies, in the community
  • Brand new equipment, including endoscopes and the C-arm X-ray machine.

In October 2019, HHS received funding from the Ontario government to redevelop West Lincoln Memorial Hospital’s (WLMH) operating rooms and endoscopy reprocessing area in order to meet critical standards for patient safety.

The biggest change in the operating rooms was the installation of an HVAC system. In the past, without an HVAC system, equipment or supplies would lose sterility due to humidity, leading to cancelled or postponed surgeries. The new system is having a big impact on patient care. The hospital has also received some new equipment, including the newest C-arm diagnostic imaging machine, making WLMH the first in the region to have this model. It was purchased through HHS’ Managed Equipment Services agreement with Siemens.

Within the new endoscopy reprocessing suite, everything in the space has changed and has doubled in size. All the equipment is brand new, upgraded and to the highest standard.

The WLMH Foundation and WLMH Auxiliary have been vital to providing this new equipment which allows the hospital to deliver the best standard of care to the patients within the community.

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