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Evidence shows that patients with severe COVID-19 infection have an increased risk of stroke. Hamilton Health Sciences recognized World Stroke Day on Oct. 29 by encouraging people to learn the warning signs and get vaccinated.
December 20, 2021

2021 Celebrations: Stroke Care


Learn the warning signs and get vaccinated to prevent COVID-related stroke

World Stroke Day is observed annually on Oct. 29 to raise awareness of this potentially life-altering, life-threatening event. Hamilton Health Sciences was pleased to support 2021 World Stroke Day promotion with a media release and story on the relationship between stroke and COVID-19.

Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS) is a provincial and national leader in stroke care, with Hamilton General Hospital serving as the Regional Stroke Centre for central south Ontario. This year, for World Stroke Day, we shared one of the many reasons our healthcare professionals encourage the COVID-19 vaccine. Mounting evidence shows that patients with severe COVID infection have an increased risk of stroke.

Throughout 2021 we shared a variety of stories – from prevention, to early detection, to recovery — as important reminders that a stroke is a medical emergency. Our medical experts explained the role that smoking and high blood pressure can play in triggering a stroke. And our patients shared their stories too.

We introduced you to Nancy, a dragon boat paddler who experienced symptoms so severe, she was unable to dial 911.  And you met Amber, who was training to swim across Lake Erie. Amber remembered the FAST assessment from her first aid training and evaluated herself to see if she might be experiencing stroke symptoms. Still concerned after passing the FAST test, she went to her local hospital emergency department and was transferred to HHS for surgery.

We look forward to bringing you more stories about stroke prevention, early detection and recovery in 2022.

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