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Hamilton Health Sciences Home
graphic depiction of the virus
January 27, 2021

An update on outbreaks of COVID-19 at Hamilton Health Sciences – Jan. 27

HAMILTON, ON – There are currently four HHS sites with declared COVID outbreaks.

Juravinski Hospital

There are now 12 patients and five staff associated with the outbreak on E2. Testing of staff and patients continues.

The outbreak associated with E4 and F4 now includes a total 16 staff. Testing continues.

There are no new patient cases linked to the outbreak that originated on E3.


Satellite Health Facility

Since Monday, six additional patients and four additional staff members have been found to be COVID positive on the second floor of the facility. Testing of staff and patients continues.

The third floor remains in outbreak status. A total of 14 patients with resolved COVID have been transferred back to the third floor from HHS hospitals. All patients are in single-occupancy rooms. More COVID-resolved patients are expected to be transferred back to the SHF third floor this week.


No updates available today for the Hamilton General Hospital and West Lincoln Memorial Hospital outbreaks.