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January 23, 2019

Up Close: Cogeneration Plant

Six giant 18-cylinder engines in the cogeneration plant are what keep the lights on and heat circulating at McMaster University Medical Centre. Six engines, and a team of engineers and tradespeople who make sure they stay functional around the clock.

Cogeneration plants recover the “waste heat” that is otherwise discarded in conventional power generation systems. Instead of heating air and water directly with natural gas, the gas is used to power six engines that create electricity. The heat from these engines supplies an intricate system and transfers energy for water heaters, building heat, and air-conditioned cooling.

The net result is cheaper power, even with fluctuating prices for natural gas and electricity supplied from the local grid. Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre and Hamilton General Hospital also operate cogeneration plants.

In this Up Close series, take a look underground at the machines and engineers that keep the hospital running.

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