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A screenshot of Dr Alexandra Papaioannou & Aaron Lam from the Innovations in Vital Care webinar series.
October 14, 2020

Learning about Innovations in Vital Care

The journey of discovery never ends, and it often leads to unexpected wonders along the way. This is particularly true in the world of health care, where cutting-edge research, state-of-the-art technology, and innovative thinking continually expand the horizons of medical science and enhance the care of patients.

“One of the things I love most about working with Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation is the ability to meet inspiring health care workers, researchers, and leaders at Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS),” says Aaron Lam, the Marketing and Communications Officer. “I had the pleasure of meeting so many wonderful people while producing a webinar series called Innovations in Vital Care, which featured virtual presentations and interviews with experts of different specialties at HHS.”

“I come away with an even greater level of admiration and respect for the multidisciplinary teams across HHS.”

The nine episodes of Innovations in Vital Care were originally designed to engage The Foundation’s donor community, but the series is now available to the public through The Foundation’s website. The series explores a wide range of fascinating and timely topics, including ways that HHS is meeting the needs of patients and families during the pandemic.

Hearing from health care experts

In different episodes, guest presenters Dr. Sarah Khan, Dr. Alim Pardhan, and Registered Nurse Shelley Amodeo speak about such topics as infection control at HHS; making emergency departments safe during the COVID-19 crisis, and the adoption of virtual services to care for patients in the Neurosciences Ambulatory Centre. The pandemic has also affected patients in the Child and Youth Mental Health Program in various ways, which is the focus of an episode presented by Lori Issenman and Dr. Paulo Pires.

Dr. Alexandra Papaioannou, occupational therapist Tricia Illman, Dr. Tom Kouroukis, and Dr. Devin Peterson also contributed their expertise for episodes that cover topics such as research into aging and the prevention of frailty in older adults; how services at the Regional Rehabilitation Centre are helping patients regain function and independence; advances in the care of patients with blood cancers and other hematological diseases; and innovations in spinal surgery for pediatric and adult patients.

“Interviewing these remarkable people for Innovations in Vital Care has been truly inspirational,” says Lam. “After learning about the incredible work they do, as well as their tireless dedication and compassion, I come away with an even greater level of admiration and respect for the multidisciplinary teams across HHS.”

All episodes of Innovations in Vital Care are available to view on Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation’s website.