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Hamilton Health Sciences Home
A learning technology specialist stands in front of library stacks.
November 18, 2019

Introducing… a learning technology specialist

Ensuring 13,000 people are properly trained so they can continue to provide top-notch care to patients is a tall order.

When Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS) updated its learning management system last year, it needed someone to ensure its success. The e-learning system is used by staff and doctors to stay up to date on topics ranging from hazardous materials to privacy laws.

Sola Akanni is the learning technology specialist who took on this role.

“I wanted a job that gave me the ability to add value to people’s lives.”

Co-op placement before landing at HHS

Sola hails from Nigeria where she worked in the country’s oil and gas sector for several years as a project manager.

She moved to Canada to find better opportunities and a better lifestyle.

A learning technology specialist at her workstation.

“I looked at getting more exposure to things I really wanted to do in life,” says Sola. “I wanted a job that gave me the ability to add value to people’s lives.”

Educated in chemical engineering, Sola knew almost immediately it wasn’t her passion in life. She completed an MBA and settled in Ontario to expand her prospects, attracted by the province’s diverse economy.

After some research, she discovered the business analysis program at Mohawk College.

Sola was drawn to the program because it gave her the opportunity to get real work experience in a co-op placement.

“It was my wish to get some actual experience working on a relevant project for an organization in need,” she says.

Managing a learning management system is a big task but comes with an opportunity to engage with people every day.

Sola led a project to develop a mock app for doctors and other health professionals about infectious diseases. After her placement, she found an exciting opportunity in HHS’ clinical education program to roll out its updated e-learning module.

Learning management system keeps staff on track

HHS runs a learning management system called MyLearning, which delivers educational courses and training programs to staff. It monitors staff compliance on mandatory training sessions and automatically reminds people to complete them. All staff must be trained each year on protocols including health and safety, fire prevention and patient care.

Managing a learning management system is a big task, says Sola. But she gets to engage with people every day and truly enjoys those opportunities.

“When the new system first launched, most people did not know an easier system to use was in place,” she says. “I had to meet several groups across HHS to introduce them to it. We also trained our team of educators to roll it out to clinical units.”

Leaders at HHS are happy with the result because it means less time is spent reminding their employees to comply with mandatory learning. Sola recognizes the value she adds.

“It’s about making it easier for staff to do their jobs so they can provide the best care for patients and families,” she says. “It benefits everyone and that’s why I love this job.”