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A nutrition associate stands in portrait
April 1, 2019

Introducing… a nutrition associate

Sheri Schuur is a nutrition associate based at Hamilton Health Sciences’ (HHS) McMaster University Medical Centre (MUMC). She has been with HHS for close to 30 years including stints as an environmental aide in various units at MUMC.

What do you do?

I mostly work in the maternal feeding room at MUMC, where I prepare formula for babies born at our hospital. I work closely with my fellow nutrition associates, supervisors, dietitians and dietetic assistants.

A nutrition associate pours infant formula into individual bottles.

The room undergoes strict sterilization procedures to ensure every feed is prepared in the safest way possible. It has a special fume hood that only allows my arms to reach within to measure, weigh and mix about 28 feeds per day.

Tell us about your first day at HHS.

I was almost 19 when I started working in nutrition services at MUMC. Right away, I worked with a bunch of great people, which definitely helped me in those early days.

On my first day, I recall how young I was and remember how excited I was to work in a hospital.

What do you love most about your job?

I love working in health care. Before I became a nutrition associate, I used to work in the emergency department as an environmental aide. I loved being in a fast-paced role with such great people. Now, I enjoy the fact I provide nutrition to our newborn patients in a safe place.

Our doctors, nurses and environmental aides are also an important part of what I do. They keep me coming back every day.

I measure, weigh and mix about 28 feeds per day.

Who inspires you?

Early in my career, I ventured over to an environmental aide position working mostly with elderly patients. I was inspired by a former health care aide that worked with me. She was always so happy around patients and loved what she did as a health care professional.

If you were in a bad mood, you wouldn’t be for much longer after spending a few moments with her.

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