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A COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool is available for Hamilton Health Sciences patients and visitors. Pre-screen for COVID-19 from home and speed up the screening process at our sites.
January 12, 2021

Pre-screen for COVID-19 online before your visit

A new online COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool is available for patients and visitors to use before coming to the hospital. This will help speed up the screening process at the entrance to our hospitals and centres,

Patients and visitors should use the tool to answer questions online the same day that you are coming to the hospital. The self-screening tool replaces the need for screeners to verbally ask the COVID-19 screening questions at our entrances, for those who opt to do the screening from home.

Visit https://screening.hhsc.ca/login to complete the screening questions.

If you are typing this URL into your browser, be sure to include https://

How it works

You will receive a “red” or “green” result after completing the tool online.

The self-screening tool result can be displayed from an electronic device by showing your browser screen or emailing yourself a copy, or printed and shown on paper.

If multiple people are attending an appointment, such as a child and their caregiver, a self-screen needs to be completed separately for each person. Send the results to yourself by email to show the screener both self-screens or print both copies.

Red results

  • If you are an essential caregiver or support person and receive a red result, you will not be permitted into our sites. Please find an alternate caregiver or support person for the patient or arrange for a virtual visit.
  • If you are a patient and receive a red result, please contact your clinic or service for further direction before heading to your appointment.
  • If you are a patient in need of emergency care and you screen red, please proceed to the emergency department and notify the screener at the entrance. Please note that caregivers are not permitted to accompany patients in the emergency department, unless for special circumstances, for example, to assist a patient with cognitive, mobility or language difficulties, or to accompany children.

Green results

  • If you receive a green result, you may proceed to the hospital. Please stop at the screening booth to show your result to the screening staff and receive the go ahead to enter. You’ll be asked to sanitize your hands and put on a new, hospital-issued mask before proceeding to your clinic.

In-person screening

Online self-screening is encouraged but optional. If you don’t have access to a device or internet connection, or forget to self-screen, you will be screened when you arrive by one of our friendly screeners.

Everyone who enters our sites will be screened. Screening for COVID-19 symptoms, possible exposure, and recent travel is an important measure to help stop the spread of the virus.

If you are a patient with a clinic appointment and screen red at the entrance, a screener will contact your clinic or care provider for further direction.

These added measures, while important, may increase delays in our already busy hospitals. We appreciate your patience as we work to keep everyone safe.

Please review our current guidelines for the presence of family, caregiver, and support persons during COVID-19.


“The new COVID-19 screening tool for use at Hamilton Health Sciences sites is user-friendly, convenient, and comprehensive. It can be completed prior to your visit to the hospital or site, and will provide for easier access when you arrive at the facility. This is a great addition to the safety measures already in place.”
Jeff Brinson, Patient/Family Advisor

“ Hamilton Health Science’s new COVID-19 screening tool is user friendly and can be completed quickly. The wording is clear and easy to understand – no jargon! And the instructions about what to do once you have completed the process are equally clear. “
Margaret Moran, Patient/Family Advisor