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Anum Fatima sits behind a plexiglass barrier at Hamilton General Hospital
Meet Anum Fatima, one of the friendly faces you’ll see screening patients and visitors at Hamilton General Hospital.
December 11, 2020

Say hello to our screeners

The pandemic has changed the way visitors and patients are welcomed to Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS). Before March, visitors and patients could walk into any HHS location without waiting in line, answering screening questions, using hand sanitizer, and being asked to wear a medical mask.

But times have changed.

Vital role

Since March, HHS screeners have been the first faces visitors and patients see when stepping inside an HHS hospital or health care centre. Their roles are vital to limiting the spread of COVID-19 at our facilities.

When you enter the hospital at one of the designated patient and family entrances, there will be a screener ready to ask you some questions. The screeners ask patients and visitors about symptoms, particularly respiratory symptoms, and contact with others. If you meet the current case-definition (a combination of symptoms and contact) for COVID-19, staff will begin a special infection-control protocol.

Appreciate your patience

These added measures, while important, may increase delays in our already busy hospitals. We appreciate your patience and encourage you to visit needadoc.ca to determine the most appropriate place to seek care for your medical needs.

Our screeners can also help you find your destination in the hospital. If you need directions, they will gladly point you the right way.

All HHS staff, physicians, patients, and visitors rely on our screeners to keep our facilities safe.

Here is just a small sample of our wonderful screeners who work hard each and every day to make HHS a safe place for all. The next time you visit, say hi and smile with your eyes. They’ll appreciate the gesture.

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