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Collage image showing award recipients; Michelle Barclay, Sandy Croley, Sherry Fjell
Michelle Barclay, Sandy Croley, and Sherry Fjell received the first community Recognition Awards from the Regional Geriatric Program Central (RCPc) for their work during COVID-19. The three award recipients were honoured for providing exceptional care to older adults affected by the pandemic.
November 19, 2020

Recognizing community members for exceptional care to older adults

Since 2011, the Regional Geriatric Program Central (RCPc) has recognized community members with a Lifelong Achievement Award. Recipients are members of the RGPc community who have demonstrated leadership, selflessness and independent learning.

But due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s awards took on a whole new meaning. The Update in Geriatrics conference planning committee established the Caregiver Recognition Awards this year to recognize caregivers, front-line workers and community members who went above and beyond in providing care for older adults during the pandemic.

The RGPc is one of eleven regional geriatric programs located in Ontario and is based out of the Juravinski Research Centre at HHS’s St. Peter’s Hospital.

Watch the video below to learn more about the award’s significance and hear from the three award winners.


The recipients were recognized at a virtual event on Wednesday, November 18.

An overwhelming response

“Many of the problems caused by COVID that affected older adults include loneliness, social isolation and lack of support given the physical distancing rules,” says Dr. Sharon Marr, St. Peter’s-McMaster University Chair in Aging Department of Medicine, McMaster University, and co-chair of the RGPc. “For the Recognition Award, the RGPc established a committee and sent the information to our regional partners. It was moving to receive so many applicants. The award is given to three individuals – but they represent everyone who was nominated.”

The three recipients for the Caregiver Recognition Awards are:

  • Michelle Barclay, Victim Services Coordinator at Halton Regional Police
  • Sandy Croley, Executive Director at Fox Ridge Care Community
  • Sherry Fjell, Personal Support Worker at Acclaim Health

Strong show of support

“I think for many of us in the RGPc, what the pandemic has brought out is that we’re so fortunate to have a community that stepped up in so many ways,” says Marr. “Whether young or old, we’ve seen examples time and time again within our region, that people have been extremely passionate and dedicated to helping others.”